With Credix Business funding solutions, your small business is our big deal!

Credix Business is one full-service business credit company that helps small and mid-sized business owners get approved for business credit and access funding for their business, whether they have good or bad personal credit. Satisfying our clients’ business needs is our main goal.

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5 advantages that set Credix Business apart from any other business credit company:

Accountability: With other business credit companies, at least 80% of what customers pay goes to cover their profit margin and operating costs. That leaves just 20% to spend on the service and on the coaches. Most business credit companies may advertise one fee, but then tack on a hefty extra management fee. With Credix Business, far more of your budget goes toward satisfying your business needs, and there are no hidden management costs that Credix Business will request later.

Guaranteed Results: Credix Business charges a flat fee for Credix Business Funding Suite Program. There are NO budget surprises. Ever. Plus, because we’re pros, we can guarantee results. That’s a huge difference from other business credit companies          .

High Profile Network of Lenders and Vendors: With Credix Business, your business will have a life time access to high profile trusted network of lenders and vendors. The Lenders and vendors in this network are selected based on their reputation within business owners and how often business owners like to deal with them. So maybe we are not having the biggest network of lenders & vendors, that made us pick over 400 of the most important and trusted lenders and vendors that cover all the business needs for all business types, that’s why we focus on the quality and how fast they will be delivering the business owners’ requests

Life Time Access to all the Funding Solutions: Credix Business provide life time access to funding programs for business owners with good or bad personal credit. So it’s not only for a limited time frame as most of the other business credit offers. And Because Credix Business is focusing mainly on satisfying the business needs which is endless, because business owners are always shooting for more and looking for expansions and stability.

Customer service: With Credix Business, you’ll have a manager dedicated to your account, whose full-time job is to make sure that your profile is having all the required information, to get the approval for the funding options that you will apply for. So while we get you a quick return – usually within 90 to 120 days – we also value long-term relationships with our customers. While other agencies may call once a year, your Credix account manager will call you every 10 days to keep your business credit program focused on satisfying your business needs.

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