Unsecured Bank Line of Credit

Credix can help you take advantage of bank-issued lines of credit that offer incredibly low interest rates and generous payback terms.

Are you looking to expand your business, acquire a new business, increase your revenues or just survive this tough economy? A bank line of credit may be the perfect option for getting access to very large sums of funding without having to secure the loan with business or personal assets. Unsecured bank credit lines can feature incredibly low interest rates and generous payback terms. You’ll need to show that you run an established business and have tax returns, good revenues and profitability. Credix can help you apply. We can also help get your business “in shape” to apply.


Aggregate totals of $50,000 to $250,000 in Business Draft Credit Lines (Unsecured); many lines report positively to build your business credit profile.


  • Initial Review (1-2 weeks): We review your financials and create a proposal that is sent to specific banks that work best for you. These are soft inquiries – no credit pulls are done. After a positive response, you sign contracts and begin the actual funding process.
  • Funding Process (4-6 weeks): Once you’ve begun the funding process, Credix coaches remain available to answer any questions and help with any issues that might arise.

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